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Our Headquarters

South Carolina

4722-A Hwy 17 Bypass South, Myrtle Beach 29588 |  Tel: 843-546-2667  | Fax: 843-546-8186

We are also available in

FL | GA | NC | VA | TN

and other states

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4722-A Hwy 17 Bypass South, Myrtle Beach SC 29588  |  Tel: 843-546-2667  | Fax: 843-546-8186

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Subcontracting & Bidding

We consider our subcontractors and suppliers to be key members of our team. We seek the most competitive and qualified subcontractors and suppliers who can deliver the highest-quality craftsmanship and best value for our clients.

To become a registered subcontractor and view current & future bid opportunities, you must submit your company’s information through Consensus Construction’s Project Plan Room.

The registration process will take 10 minutes to complete. Once you completed the form your company will be added to our corporate database to receive future invitations to bid.

Register Here for Free Access to our Plan Room

Project Plan Room

Consensus Construction’s Project Plan Room system streamlines the bidding process by offering you the productivity tools to manage the bidding process online in a private, secure environment.

Registration is free and displays all of Consensus Construction’s active projects in real-time. Once you log in, you can:

  • View current bid schedule

  • Select projects your company would like to bid on

  • Download plans, specifications, and addendums

  • Manage your account information and password

  • Review the scope of work for each project

Contact information to discuss the project scope

NOTE: At this time, only Consensus Construction general contracting projects are available in our Project Plan Room.

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