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Consensus Builds North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex

North Myrtle Beach is sure to please – as your next sporting event destination. Our area offers a diverse selection of sport event facilities that are easily accessible and can accommodate a range of activities – such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, quidditch, and flag football. Here is a list of facilities that our beautiful area has to offer:

4 regulation youth baseball/collegiate softball fields2 regulation high school/collegiate baseball fields (can be transformed to regulation youth baseball and collegiate softball fields)8 regulation soccer/lacrosse fields8 batting tunnels

Our sport facilities also come equipped with a wide selection of amenities that will add value, fun, comfort and ease to your sporting event or tournament, such as:

umpire/official rooms concessions areas7 picnic shelters3 playground walking/bike trails3 acre dog park25 acre lake for water-related activities10 acre meadow and much more

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