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Do not let the "BIG BAD WOLF" blow your house down! Build with Consensus Builders

The Grand Strand is one of the most popular places to move for a life on the beach, but many hesitate to make the move due to the tropical storms and hurricanes devastating the area each year. With our steel framed homes, however, you will have a hurricane proof house that can withstand winds over 220mph. It is also a sustainable, noncombustible, and net zero energy efficient home that will save you a lot of time and money in both the short run and the long run. Call us today AT 843-546-2667, or visit for more information about all the perks and benefits. Together we can create the beach home of your dreams! #MyrtleBeach #PawleysIsland #SurfsideBeach #MurrellsInlet #NorthMyrtleBeach #Socastee #CarolinaForest #Conway #GardenCityBeach #Georgetown #LittleRiver #Litchfield

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